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Plantain Chips

I am a big fan of plantain chips. I eat them almost everyday. They are cheap and very easy to find. Found in almost every grocery/shop. There are very few ingredients(plantain, oil, salt) and the snack is definitely gluten and lactose free even though it is not stated in the packaging. I have had no problems with them so far. I read the ingredient lists on everything before I buy them. Some products state that they are gluten free but many of them still have dairy/lactose. I spend a lot of time reading labels on many items and I end up leaving with one or two items most of the time, very sad, lol.

The plantain chips are great snacks, very tasty. There are also different flavours like sweet, garlic and pepper. I avoid the ones with garlic and pepper though. The sweet plantain chips are very addictive :)