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Product Review: Kinnikinnick Montanas Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been very busy working and studying part-time. Anyway, My birthday was on Thursday and I got time off from work so I decided to go with my mother to buy some gluten free and dairy free foods at an organic food store. My mother bought some cookies and ice cream for me as a gift for my birthday. Yay! Since I've been gluten free and dairy free, it is rare to see cookies and ice cream so I was really happy. 
Here is my review for the Kinnikinnick Montanas Chocolate Chip Cookies. Free Of: Wheat, Dairy, Yeast, Corn, Nuts Review: The cookies taste amazing. Almost like the regular chocolate chip cookies with wheat flour. The cookies are crunchy and the chocolate chips taste like real chocolate chips that melt in your mouth. I was a bit disappointed with the size of the cookies. I expected them to be bigger. The picture of the cookies on the packaging were a bit misleading but it is a normal advertising strategy for food. I reall…