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Coolest Birthday Gifts from my Co-Workers! Gluten Free and Dairy Free Desserts!

Today at work, I got a lot of gluten free dairy free snacks and desserts from my co-workers for my birthday. Yay ^_^! My birthday is actually on the 4th of August so I had to get them today. I got Andean Dream Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were okay and a bit dense. The chocolate chips tasted a bit like dark chocolate. What was cool to me about these cookies were that each one was individually wrapped. I’ll give these cookies 3 out of 5.
After I tried out a cookie, I had some ice cream. The Rice Dream Organic Vanilla Ice Cream tasted okay, almost like normal ice cream. My favourite though was the Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut BlissCappuccino Ice Cream. Everyone at the office got to try out the ice cream and they prefer the Cappuccino as well. It tastes and has the texture like normal ice-cream.  The cappuccino flavour is very strong. This one gets 5 out of 5. I also got chocolate sprinkles for the ice-cream. Sorry I don’t have a picture of the ice cream with the sprinkles. I…