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Product Review: Kitchen88 Thai Green Curry Chicken with Jasmine Rice

I found a Heat-and-Eat rice meal in Tru Valu supermarket in Diego Martin. It can be found in the aisle with the flours in the corner on the highest shelf. It is called Kitchen88 Thai Green Curry Chicken with Jasmine Rice. It is a product from Octa Foods. There are no statements on the product claiming that it is Gluten Free or Dairy Free. I decided to try it out at my own risk hoping that it would be safe. I read the ingredients list about 10 times before I bought it to make sure that I wasn't making a mistake. I tried it out and nothing happened so it got my approval. I even waited a day to see if there were any delayed reactions and nothing happened so I'm happy. The product does have allergens, such as shellfish, fish and soy. The website for the product has no information about the ingredients or nutritional value so I took pictures of the packaging. I like that the rice and the curry were in individual packs that were easy to tear. The food doesn't look as pretty as …

Homemade Luna Bars (recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie)

I tried out a recipe which I found on pinterest, Homemade Luna Bars by Chocalate-Covered Katie. I made some alterations to the recipe. I added 4 tbsp of white sesame seeds, left out the protein powder and substituted the virgin coconut oil for grapeseed oil in the No-Sugar Chocolate Sauce. For the Rice Crispies, I used Nature's Path Crispy Rice Cereal which I bought from  Nature's Discount Nutrition Center  in Ellerslie Plaza. I got the Agave Syrup from Hi-lo and I used Chief Cocoa Powder. The bars tasted great. I'm happy I have a new snack to eat when I go out.