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Kaizan Sushi Review

When I have to go out and eat with friends, I usually go to Kaizan Sushi in Fiesta Plaza, Movietowne. This is the fifth time since I went by them and I had no problems with the food. I usually order the Ocean's Delight which has Salmon and Tuna sushi rolls with King Fish Ceviche. The Ceviche also has cucumbers, onions and sesame seeds. Other times, I'll order Nigiri or Sashimi. Check out this Trini Chow album with images of the Kaizan Sushi Menu

I do not use the soy sauce in the restaurant. The first time I went to Kaizan, I had asked them if they had wheat in their soy sauce and they checked and confirmed that they had wheat in it. Sometimes I walked with a small plastic bottle of Tamari Soy Sauce. Tamari Soy Sauce can be bought at Be Free Foods. This time I ate the sushi without soy sauce and they still tasted great. The presentation of the food is really good. For drinks, I usually have the Plum Sake or the Ruby Sake.

Kaizan Sushi Information
Address: #7, Fiesta Plaza, Movie…

French Macarons

Yesterday, I went to the Upmarket. The last one that I went to was a year ago so I had to go to this one to see what new Gluten Free and Dairy Free Food Items they had. I bought a box of macarons with vanilla filling from French Macarons. They said that the macaron ingredients were almond flour, sugar and meringue powder. I ate one and waited a day to see if anything happened and nothing happened, so they pass my personal test. I love the taste. I am not used to eating a lot of sweet things so I could only eat one. I am glad that I found another product that I could eat. I also bought Meringue Cookies which were really good.