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Hi-Lo Food Stores Article about Gluten-Free Diet and Celiac Disease

I recently received the Savour Magazine, Issue 3 from Hi-lo Food Stores. I found an interesting article about the Gluten-Free Diet and Celiac Disease. It is nice to see more information about the Gluten-Free Lifestyle being spread publicly. I also hope people would learn that it is not a diet created to lose weight. In the article, there is also a list of all the Gluten-Free products that are available at the Hi-Lo Food Stores. I like that Hi-lo is making an effort to bring more Gluten-Free Products but not all stores are equal. I noticed that the Westmoorings Branch has a lot more Gluten-Free Products than the one in Starlite Shopping Center, in Diego Martin. The Starlite Hi-lo also stopped stocking the Gluten-Free Cereals and it is rare to see the large boxes of Silk Almond Milk.
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