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My 2013 Birthday Party with Gluten Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes

My birthday was on the 4th of August and I wanted to do something different this year, especially with food. I usually go to Movietowne to watch a movie and eat sushi. There are very few things that I could eat with a gluten-free and dairy free diet in most restaurants. This year, I went to a gaming center, Bedrock Minigolf and Gaming Center and I was able to bring my food. I had ordered normal sandwiches from a bakery for my friends since they do not eat gluten free. I made gluten free and dairy free chocolate cupcakes with King Arthur Chocolate Cake Mix Flour. I bought this cake mix from Be Free Foods. I decorated the cupcakes with homemade icing and Enjoy Life Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips from Be Free Foods. I need to make some improvements on the icing since it melted easily. All my friends, even the owner of the gaming center, loved the cupcakes and couldn't tell the difference between the normal and gluten-free ones. I had much more fun this year since I didn't have to wo…