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My First Attempt at making Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pastry

I've been experimenting with the Namaste Food's Perfect Flour Blend to see how a pastry would come out. Since I had an issue with the margarine, I decided to use Grapeseed oil. Next time I try making pastries, I will use the coconut oil. I made something similar to Poptarts and I used Del Mano's Guava Jelly for the filling. I bought the Jelly at the Upmarket. They came out okay-ish. The pastry dough kept falling apart when I was trying to roll out the dough. After I made the tarts, they cracked a bit and the Jelly also leaked from the sides because they weren't sealed properly. The taste was cool, the jelly was awesome but the flour gave the pastry a grainy texture. I got one of my family members to try out one and she liked them but she noticed the grainy texture too. I think the gluten free flours tend to have a different texture from wheat flours so it is something I have to get used to.

Margarine caused an Allergic Reaction

On Sunday, I made some Coconut Drops and they came out great. The only new ingredient that I used was the Cookeen Margarine but I’ve been getting some allergic reactions after I ate a lot of them. I’ve reached to the point where my eyes get itchy and swollen 30 minutes after I eat them. My skin has been getting pretty bad as well. I bought the margarine because when I read the ingredients it looked safe enough. 
Here is the ingredients list: Vegetable oils, Interesterified Vegetable Oils (Blend: 60% Palm Kernel / 40% Palm Oil), Water, Emulsifier (Vegetable), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

I should’ve known better because Blue Band also makes products with dairy. It was a personal experiment so I’ve learned my lesson ^_^. Thank god it wasn’t enough to affect my throat or breathing. Someone commented on my Coconut drops recipe that the margarine is not dairy-free. After eating it for 3 days now I am feeling the ill effects lol. I am not a pro at baking so that was why I wanted to get ma…

Coconut Drops – Gluten Free Recipe

Coconut Drops are a common baked treat found in bakeries in Trinidad and Tobago. I miss them a lot so I decided to make some. I used the Long Time Coconut Drops recipe from The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago & The Caribbean cookbook from Naparima Girls’ High School. I substituted the flour with the Perfect Flour Blend from Namaste Foods. I bought this flour from Be Free Foods. The flour could also be ordered Amazon. The Coconut Drops came out great, the texture and taste was good. I kept the recipe simple. Next time, I will add raisins or sultanas with less sugar so it would not be too sweet.

Gluten Free Makeup or Cosmetics in Trinidad and Tobago

When I started my gluten free diet, I avoided lipstick and lipgloss to avoid getting “glutened”. For most of this year, I’ve been using lip balm, the Blistex Simple and Sensitive. I bought the Blistex at the Starlite Pharmacy. It is hypoallergenic and very moisturizing.

There are natural lip gloss, lip tints and lip shimmers from brands such as Burt’s Bees and the Naked Bee in local stores. I’ve seen the Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss and Tinted Lip Balm and the Naked Bee’s Natural Lip Color in the Starlite Pharmacy. Of course I bought some to test out. They are not opaque so they all basically add a tint to your lips. The Naked Bee was a bit brighter in colour than the Burt’s Bees. I got the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer and another Lip Gloss from Live Green on Ariapita Avenue. They have a larger collection of natural makeup. Burt’s Bees and Naked Bee makeup are not certified gluten free. One day, I’ll try to get gluten free certified makeup from one of these brands: Red Apple Lipstick, Afterglow …

Misleading Claim caused a Gluten Attack

A friend of mine recently got "glutened" after sampling some food at an event, Bits and Pieces at Movietowne. It was one of the vendors that was responsible for this, not the management of the event. After asking questions about the crab backs and if they had any fillers or wheat, the vendor who made them said that they have 100% crab meat with no fillers. My friend tried them and she got sick an hour later and contacted the individual to find out if they were really gluten free. The person eventually mentioned that she used breadcrumbs but the crab backs would only have 1/4 tsp and that shouldn't cause a reaction since some of her gluten free friends did not get sick. This person could have made a person with a serious wheat allergy very sick. A person with Celiac Disease react to traces of gluten. A 1/4 tsp is way more than a trace, it is torture. The maximum amount of gluten allowed in food is 20 ppm, that is approximately 0.01997718 grams. There are people who still…

Curried Goat and Potatoes Recipe

Today is Divali and I decided to make some East Indian food like curried goat and potatoes. For the curry, I used a hand blended curry from Abundant Harvest & Tropickle Foods. I bought the curry at the Upmarket.