Shopping Locations for Gluten Free Foods in Trinidad

I've been checking out some Gourmet Shops for Gluten Free, Dairy Free Foods. Each shop/store has different type of food items.

Be Free Foods Organic Grocery
LocationLocation: #35 O'Connor Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad
TelTel: (868) 622-5925
DescriptionDescription: They have the largest collection of Gluten Free Foods in Trinidad so far. They have a lot of gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free, soy free and preservative free products. They have Snacks, Cereals, Baking Supplies, Beverages, Breads, Frozen Food, Ice Cream, Pasta and Noodles, Candy, Seasonings and many more. They have a wide range of certified gluten free products and they also help you with selecting items suitable for your diet.
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Fresh Organics Limited
LocationLocation: 49 Saddle Road, Maraval, Trinidad
TelTel: (868) 622-7828
DescriptionDescription: They provide a wide range of gluten free products.
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Live Green
LocationLocation: 4 Ariapita Drive, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
TelTel: (868) 622-8911
DescriptionDescription: They have some gluten free products but mostly snacks. They have more natural skin and hair products, supplements, etc.
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Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop
LocationLocation: 115 Long Circular Road, Maraval, Trinidad
TelTel: (868) 628-7486
DescriptionDescription: A gourmet grocery with a diverse product range.
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Massy Stores - Supermarket
LocationLocation: North, East and South Trinidad
DescriptionDescription: They have some gluten free flours, pasta and snacks. The certified gluten free brands that I've seen are Bob's Red Mills, Nature's Path, Glutino, Taste of Nature, Sam Mills Pasta, Synder's of Hanover and others.
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Nature's Discount (Trinidad & Tobago)
LocationLocation: Shop No. 12, Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval, Trinidad
TelTel: (868) 622-2084
DescriptionDescription: This store has many organic products such as natural body care products, cosmetics, supplements, teas and organic foods. They also sell gluten free flour, noodles, cereals and snacks.
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New Earth Organic Enterprises Limited
LocationLocation: #80 Roberts Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain
TelTel: (868) 622-3643
DescriptionDescription: They sell more natural products and they also have gluten free cereals, snacks, pasta, etc.
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  • Shop # 18 & 19, Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval, Trinidad, W.I. Tel./Fax: (868) 628-5573
  • Shop #1 Lower Ground Floor, West Mall, Westmoorings, Trinidad, W.I. Tel./Fax: (868) 633-8120
DescriptionDescription: They have gluten free cereals, flour, pasta and noodles, Rice Cakes, frozen sorbet and snacks. I think that the PepperCorns in West Mall have more Gluten Free food items than the one in Ellerslie Plaza.

LocationLocation: Westmoorings  •  Maraval  •  Diego Martin  •  Price Paza, Chaguanas  •  Gulf View, La Romaine  •  Tunapuna  •  Valsayn
DescriptionDescription: The Superpharm locations that I had visited the most were Westmoorings, Maraval and Diego Martin. They sell flour from Namaste Foods (a certified GF product by GIG). The also have protein bars, pasta, cup noodles, Enjoy Life cookies and other snacks. I'm not sure about the other locations.
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The Gluten Free Centre
LocationLocation: 10 Fitt Street, Woodbrook or 42 Third Avenue, Barataria
TelTel: Ariapita- (868) 223-857942  Barataria- (868) 675-3332 / (868) 345-4846
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Tru Valu Supermarket
LocationLocation: Diego Martin • Long Circular Rd • Valpark • San Juan • Trincity Mall
DescriptionDescription: There is a large range of gluten free products from brands like Bob's Red Mill, Dove Farms and Nature's Path.
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Vanilla Bean Gourmet
LocationLocation: 145 Munroe Road, Cunupia
TelTel: (868) 223-9527 / (868) 693-0627
DescriptionDescription: Vanilla Bean Gourmet has gluten free cereals, snacks, baking ingredients and many more.
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Yummy Mummy Gourmet
LocationLocation: Mulchan Seuchan Road, Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas
TelTel: (868) 794-3224
DescriptionDescription: A Gourmet shop that caters for people with special dietary needs; Gluten Free, Organic, Nut Free, Dairy Free & All Natural products. They also have Fresh baked Gluten free bread and muffins.
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