Review of Carrot Cake Cupcakes from Zayas (Gluten-free and Dairy-free)

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Carrot Cake Cupcakes from Zayas

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Carrot Cake Cupcake from ZayasI had ordered gluten-free carrot cake cupcakes from Zayas last week. The cupcakes could be dairy-free and also egg-free but I ordered them to be dairy-free and gluten-free. They tasted great. They weren’t oversweet like some other gluten-free products or desserts. It was just right. There were raisins and nuts in them and that added a really nice flavour as well.

The texture of the cupcakes was similar to a cupcake made with wheat. It had a nice crumby texture and it wasn’t heavy or dense. The frosting was made with egg-whites and it tasted great as well and it did not have an overpowering sweet taste. Of course, I ate one as soon as I got them and after that I ate two within the same day. I had to use a lot of self-control to eat one per day.

I’ll definitely order them again in the future. I had no issues with the cupcakes. People react differently to gluten-free products depending on how sensitive they are. So anytime you are buying homemade or locally-made gluten-free food, ask questions about the ingredients, preparation and eat at your own risk. There are no testing facilities or certification for gluten-free food made in Trinidad and Tobago so we have to be extra careful. The owner of Zayas has celiac disease and experience with the diet so I felt more comfortable trying out food from her.

Contact Information for Zayas:
Tel: 1-868-355-6368
Location: Diego Martin
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