Request for Dhal Puri Roti Recipe

Anyone know how to make Gluten-Free Dhal Puri Roti?   Gluten Free Trini

Hey guys! I've been getting some requests lately for some Roti recipes but I don't have any and I also have no experience with making gluten-free roti. So I need some help.

If anyone has a gluten-free recipe with good results, please send it for me. I'm also on a dairy-free diet so if it is dairy-free, I would be able to test it. I would post the recipe on the blog with your name. I would not claim any rights over the recipe. I want to open up a forum for Trinbagonians to share their local gluten-free recipes and help out each other.

Click here for the recipe submission form

Or email me at If you can send pictures of the food, that would be great.


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