Gluten Free Baking Class with Moy's Gluten Free Kitchen

Gluten Free Baking Class at Moy's Gluten Free Kitchen - Trinidad and Tobago

Yesterday, I attended the first official Gluten Free Baking Class at Moy’s Gluten Free Kitchen. It was a great experience. I received a lot of great tips and felt more motivated to bake. Each participant baked a loaf and did adaptations to the recipe. We made a non-vegan and a vegan version (without eggs). Both versions of the bread came out great. We also learnt how to bake cookies and muffins.
We covered many different topics like: the best type of flours to use; which flour would be best suited for breads or cakes; how to make substitutions for eggs and milk; and how to combine gluten free flours, starches and binders for specific recipes. We had to get our hands dirty and feel the texture of the bread dough so we would get a better understanding of what the dough should feel like the next time we bake bread at home. 

Gluten Free Sorghum Loaf - Gluten Free Trini

Gluten Free Breakfast Carrot Cake Muffins - Gluten Free Trini

After our loaves of bread were ready and I had a slice, I felt so much joy because it tasted great and I’ll be able to bake a proper loaf of bread from now on. The store-bought bread mix was not working out for me and the frozen bread wasn't cutting it either. I’ll try baking more bread in the future and share my progress.

I suggest this class to people new to the gluten free diet; and to non-gluten eaters who have to prepare food for people on gluten free diets. It would help you get more control over what you eat and you would become more confident in baking gluten free food. I've made some mistakes *cough cough* *adding a bit too much yeast* but I learnt from it and I know now what to do next time. We even got a gift at the end of the class, cute spatulas!

Moy's Gluten Free Kitchen Spatulas

Gluten Free Sorghum Bread with Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter
Gluten Free Sorghum Bread with Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter. Yum ^_^

To sign up for the baking classes, click on this link.

Contact Information for Moy's Gluten Free Kitchen:
Tel: 868-735-6236
Location: St. Joseph


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