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Last week Thursday, I went to the beach with my co-workers. We went to Maracas Bay. It is a tradition in Trinidad and Tobago that if you go to Maracas Bay, you have to eat a “shark-and-bake” or “bake-and-shark” (two different ways of asking for the same thing). “Bake-and-shark” obviously has gluten. The bake is made out of regular flour and the fish is fried in a batter. The beach-trip was also the first time I ever went to the beach since being gluten-free and dairy-free. I had to do extra planning for food. I carried rice and vegetables. I heated it up in the microwave before we left and placed it in an insulation bag to keep it hot. I also walked with plantain chips and peanuts-and-raisins snack. I had a fun time, the water was really really cold.
maracas beach trinidadtrinidad shark and bake
When it was time to eat, everyone else ate “shark-and-bake”. They are used to my diet so they don’t bother to ask me if I want any, which is nice. It is annoying when you have to keep explaining that you can’t eat certain foods. You would think some people would learn after the 5th time or something. In school, (I am doing part-time classes for about 6 months now), some people would offer me snacks like Oreos, whole-wheat sandwiches with cheese and other poisonous foods and then they would say “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot you can’t eat this” before I could tell them “no, thanks.” They offer food out of being polite but would it kill them to think a little before they offer in automatic mood. The next line I would get sometimes is “Oh! I was going to offer you some but I now remember you can’t eat this”. Don’t remind me! LOL. I always smile and say “yeah, I can’t eat that.” I am not angry with them, I just realized that it was getting annoying. When I am home, I eat without any problems. The rest of my family could eat gluten foods but they don’t offer or eat it in front of me and say “oh, you can’t eat this”. I don’t whine either about how they could eat stuff that I cannot eat. I know that there are certain foods that are not meant for my body and there are other options.


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