Margarine caused an Allergic Reaction

Blue Band Cookeen Margarine
On Sunday, I made some Coconut Drops and they came out great. The only new ingredient that I used was the Cookeen Margarine but I’ve been getting some allergic reactions after I ate a lot of them. I’ve reached to the point where my eyes get itchy and swollen 30 minutes after I eat them. My skin has been getting pretty bad as well. I bought the margarine because when I read the ingredients it looked safe enough. 

Here is the ingredients list: Vegetable oils, Interesterified Vegetable Oils (Blend: 60% Palm Kernel / 40% Palm Oil), Water, Emulsifier (Vegetable), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

I should’ve known better because Blue Band also makes products with dairy. It was a personal experiment so I’ve learned my lesson ^_^. Thank god it wasn’t enough to affect my throat or breathing. Someone commented on my Coconut drops recipe that the margarine is not dairy-free. After eating it for 3 days now I am feeling the ill effects lol. I am not a pro at baking so that was why I wanted to get margarine for the recipe since the recipe asked for it. I assumed margarine helps with the texture or something. Next time, maybe next weekend, I’ll try making the drops with oil and see how they come out and find out if there is a major difference between margarine and oil.


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