My First Attempt at making Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pastry

I've been experimenting with the Namaste Food's Perfect Flour Blend to see how a pastry would come out. Since I had an issue with the margarine, I decided to use Grapeseed oil. Next time I try making pastries, I will use the coconut oil. I made something similar to Poptarts and I used Del Mano's Guava Jelly for the filling. I bought the Jelly at the Upmarket. They came out okay-ish. The pastry dough kept falling apart when I was trying to roll out the dough. After I made the tarts, they cracked a bit and the Jelly also leaked from the sides because they weren't sealed properly. The taste was cool, the jelly was awesome but the flour gave the pastry a grainy texture. I got one of my family members to try out one and she liked them but she noticed the grainy texture too. I think the gluten free flours tend to have a different texture from wheat flours so it is something I have to get used to.


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